What We Do

Maple Engineering is a full service Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical (PME) Engineering Design Firm.

Keep Projects on Schedule

We ensure a project timeline that not only meets our client’s needs and expectations, but one that will satisfy their clients and customers  as well. 

Maximize Your Budget

We understand that a dollar saved is a dollar that can be used elsewhere to improve functionality, aesthetics, or the owner’s bottom line.

Avoid Construction Issues

We know problems and delays during construction benefit no one, so we have processes set in place to recognize these situations before they occur.

Project Development

Proposal Tracking

We use a cloud based system that helps us monitor RFPs to ensure prompt turnaround times.



We implement a design process using a series of checklists to ask the important questions and jump over the biggest hurdles early on.


We identify proposals, track projects, and follow employee scheduling to ensure we meet critical delivery dates.


Designers, engineers and project managers pass each project through quality control procedures before finalizing.


Project Manager

Each project has one point of contact in our office. They ensure your project gets done on time and as expected.

Construction Support

We continue support through code review, contractor RFI’s, owner questions, submittals, and construction observation.

Let's Work Together.

708 St. Mary's Street - PO BOX 10443 - Raleigh, NC - 27605

(919) 341-4247


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